“You have to stop coming to my house Mel.” Michael said and watched her.

She sat on his sofa with a bottle of wine. She looked so tired and drunk.

Why on earth would she ask a cab to leave her at his house?

Melissa chuckled

“It feels good to know you still call me by that name.”

She brushed him off when Michael tried to get her to stand. “How could you do this to me.. Michael”

“I don’t know what you are talking about”

Michael turned to Imelda who seemed more worried that Melissa was around.

She definitely came around to cause trouble

“Call Robert, he needs to drive her home… it’s late already”

“I thought we were…”

“Mel, you are drunk”

“I’m not!” She started crying

“I’m just hurt. Can’t you see that?”

She got up and walked closer to hug Michael.

He drew back.

“You left me… next thing you’re married”

she scoffed and chugged her wine

“I don’t understand what is going on with you. Mel. I know we had fun while we were together. We became friends too but I never said that I love you and you know it… and I didn’t exactly plan to get married then but now I am”

Mel agreed still sobbing.

“If things were different maybe you hadn’t married Natalia, or waited a little would you have given us a chance?”

Michael remained calm.

Mel was a good friend no doubt.

A friend with benefit. They were sexually compatible and she always understood him but he never had any feelings of that sort for her.

It was all a fling. He felt bad that she fell in love with him but he had no idea even if he did, nothing would have changed.

Mel went closer and tugged at his shirt

“Answer me!” Her eyes teary.

He held her to calm her down

“I never saw you that way. I never would have”

She staggered back and sniffed “lies!”

She cried even more because she knew he was not lying

“I hate you… I hate myself, I hate that I would have to feel this way. It’s too painful! It’s all my fault. I was supposed to be just a fuck buddy but would you blame me?”

Michael felt really bad for her that he had to go to her and hug her. To console her.

“Do you think we can still…” She choked.

Michael released her trying to get what she was going to say.

“I mean you and I, we can still try. After all you didn’t exactly marry out of your own will, you…”

He drew back and looked her.

The pity in his eyes disgusted Melissa

“I love her Mel. I can’t deny it…”

Melissa hushed him “What has she given you that I haven’t? What do you need that I can’t give you…”

“It’s not like that Mel…”

“Tell me exactly what it’s like. Cause I need to understand…”

Robert hurried inside interrupting the moment “I’m right here boss”

Michael was thankful he isn’t ready for a late night drama.

Melissa was really drunk but then he knew she was hurting.

“Take her home. I’m sorry Mel that you’re hurting. Get some rest when you get home. Right now you are not in your right senses”

Before Mel could protest Robert carried her forcefully and left.

Michael sighed good thing Natalia wasn’t around to witness what happened.

He turned to Imelda who walked to the kitchen “Nanny Imelda?”

She stopped and turned

“Not single word to my wife”

The woman nodded.

Melissa knew it wasn’t Michael’s fault that she had fallen for him.

He’s a straightforward man.

They both wanted the same thing. No strings… but he was a powerful man, who is also attractive.

He’s nice, caring and friendly.

How could she have gotten so carried away?

She won’t blame it on him. On men. But herself for falling for him.

She tried to get him back different ways. The ridiculous package thing. And the rest.

What is the point of chasing after a man who is clearly not into you?

What men do (excerpt)

Supposedly couples

Michael got home late.

He freshened up wore an ash colored Tee with a matching sweat pants.

He knocked on Natalia’s door but she didn’t answer, he opened it quietly and got in.

She was sleeping peacefully in her dark red lacy night wear.

He couldn’t get a good picture what it looked like on her.

Just a smooth cleavage and the skin around it.

He needed someone to talk with…

He stared at her long dark hair which spread over the pillow.

He couldn’t return to his room, he snuck into the covers to lie beside her. He pulled her a little closer so he could cuddle without waking her.

He dipped his face in her hair which smelled so nice like a fruit mix and slept off.

Natalia woke up in Michael’s arm. Their legs entwined.

She adjusted to look at him. It’s been a while since they were around each other.

He’s always busy at work and she’s always at the hospital. So much for married couples.

Seeing the way he slept so peacefully made her smile.

She secretly wished that it’d always be like that. After all they are married.

She noticed how much his hair had grown.  It looked messy but sexy with few streaks down on his face hiding his thick fine brows. She slowly moved them to get a closer look at his face.

His lashes are so full and beautifully laid. Her eyes dropped on his small curvy lips. Her mouth watered when she thought about their first kiss.

Before they got married,Michael had kept things simple. He didn’t want to confuse lust with anything.

Not that it mattered cause they’d still be stuck with each other. 

Or it actually made a lot of sense.

She couldn’t disagree that he’s too attractive not to want once in a while.

Michael felt her gaze. He opened his eyes.

“Hey wifey”  He said softly.

He tried not to let his hands wander around her body. 

“Good morning Michael. I’m assuming you are not going to work today”

He smiled and got out of bed. “Not until noon. Let’s go for breakfast”

He watched her get down to put on her night robe. 

Too bad he can’t get a good look…

“I was wondering why …” she said distracting his thoughts.

“I miss being around you” He said and headed to the door.

Urban Dismay

The city streets look oh so sleek but only when it rains Below the glitterati Porsche Benz Maserati In the parking basement remain Below even that …

Urban Dismay

Weekly update (Natasha Jakes excerpt ) Meeting with CIX


Just as Natasha anticipated, Bob had planned to abduct her.

She got into a parking lot and waited for him.

She noticed a few steps behind her.

She feigned ignorance and slowly turned to face whoever it could be.

One of the attackers wearing a mask knocked her out with a handkerchief, covered her head and took her away.

Next thing, her knees hit the hard ground causing her whole body to quake.

Two men restrained her by the shoulders.

She wasn’t sure if the excruciating pain she was feeling was from the bullet wound or her head that was pounding from the drug they used to knock her out.

Though she took precautions by seizing her breath, she still caught the HELL DUST and it’s really messing with her head.

With her hands tied, she struggled to steady her breath and stay woke.

They took the veil off.

She panted crazily, gasping for air.

The two figures in front of her seemed to be waiting for her to say something.

One was sitting the other was standing right next to her. Not a clear picture, her view  still blurry.

Probably the assassin and the lady from the bug she’d listened to.

So she had taken a huge risk and gotten here only to be restrained in a big hall with just two elders of CIX.

Could there be others watching from somewhere?

She looked around.

She returned her gaze to the two figures in front of her. Now she could see them clearly.

The man is fine as hell. Tall, well built, sexy kinda. Very handsome even with his broody face and dark warning gaze.

She twitched her lips and looked at the woman next to him.

Probably in her early 60s, still elegant.

“Who are you?”

The woman asked in a calm tone.

Natasha hesitated dealing with the aches and the pains she was feeling everywhere.

Her abductors had left.

“Calvin …”

“Calvin Davidson. We know that part. We also know you came from London and that late Governor Sherwood hired you to be his personal bodyguard. You almost lost your life saving his… unfortunately he still died.”

Natasha smiled and continued to listen.

“The part we don’t know is who you really are… somehow you knew someone was aiming at the Governor and took him by surprise. You might be able to fool everyone but you can’t fool us . What’s your real identity and motive behind working for Sherwood”

Natasha was quiet for a moment.

“I merely acted on instinct. I’m really flattered by your words ma’am with everything you’ve said it seems you know pretty much about me… there’s nothing more to tell”

She looked at the man standing next to the woman and scoffed.

“You shot right after I pushed the Governor, were you taken unaware or you just not that good?”

The man got agitated and tried to hit her.

“Let him be”

The woman stopped him.

The man returned to his position.

Natasha smiled at his obvious frustration.


“Call him 4 I’m 3” the woman cut in.

Natasha chuckled .


You’re some secret organization or what? Anyways, I’m guessing you need something from me that’s probably the reason why I’m still breathing right?”

The woman laughed.

“How about I make you a simple offer. I believe you got some talent here, let’s work together. You’ll stand to gain a lot. Power money …women.”

The man  looked at the woman surprised that she was making Natasha such an offer.

To become a CIX elder.

Natasha laughed at the last words.

“Do I have a choice? I already know I’d be dead once I reject the offer. If that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t have abducted me.”

There’s no way these people are letting her leave here alive if she’s not one of them.

It’s also a good thing cause it means she was right about everything. Or maybe not.

“I guess I have your answer already. Welcome on board Calvin Davidson. From now on, you will be called 5. My apologies for every inconveniences I might have caused you”

The man untied her hands and helped her stand. His face stern.

“You will get to meet the rest of the elders after the initiation ceremony. You’ll also get to know more about CIX and everyone in it including us, for now…”

The man opened a safe on the wall and took out a small box. He gave it to Natasha.

She examined and opened it. A cell phone.

“We’ll use it to contact each other.”

Natasha smiled. They were really prepared.

“Hmm. Great. I just have one condition. In exchange for my loyalty to CIX I need something in return”

The man glared at her. “What impudence!”

The woman hushed him.

“What makes you think I will guarantee what you are going to ask for?”

Natasha hesitated.

“Since you’re an elder of … CIX, integrity should mean something to you. Plus you don’t know what I could be asking for”

The woman waited patiently.

“I don’t want to be stalked. I pledge complete loyalty to this organization but if by any chance I figure that my privacy has been meddled with…”

“What can you possibly do?” The woman smiled curiously.

Natasha smiled back

“Not anything worse than you have done … you will just have to wait and see”

The woman’s smile disappeared.

Natasha walked closer to where she sat and held out a hand.

“I’m honored to work with you.”

The woman scoffed and shook her hands.

“We have a deal.”


Since the beginning of philosophy people thought about beauty, what it is and by what it is caused. These questions were dealt with in mythology and …


Let’s Relate

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Natasha Jakes (excerpt)

Mission 1

Bob has a closer connection to the Governor even when he’s not the personal bodyguard. It’s understandable.

Standing by Governor Sherwood’s bedside is like having the capacity to have a meal yet feeling so handicapped to eat it.

Natasha imagined few possible ways of killing the old man.

Suffocation stabbing strangling….

A ray of sunshine crossed his lids as if it were a warning sign causing him to open his eyes before someone’s imaginations become reality.

“Good morning your Excellency. Tea or coffee?”

She smiled at his confusion.

“Mr Davidson what the hell… are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

Natasha raised her brows.

“I was told you needed more protecting”

Sherwood cursed beneath his lips and walked to his toilet.

“Bob is just another goat”

Natasha folded her arms her eyes scanning the room.

“Your Excellency your flight leaves in 20. You need to hurry. It’s a big day for you, we can’t start it with the wrong vibes”

A big day for all of us.

CIX or no CIX Sherwood must die and getting a clue on who the next person would be, shouldn’t be much trouble.

He walked out pissed she was still standing in the same position like a sentry.

He removed his shirt expecting her to fret.

He made a face.

“Well… are you staying for the show?”

She shrugged

“There’s nothing the eyes would see and shed blood. I’ve seen way worse …”

“I appreciate the gesture Mr Davidson, what I do not need is a guardian angel”

She scoffed at the man’s frustration and decided to leave with an intent smile on the corner of her lips.

“I’ll be outside.”

Natasha Jakes

The deal… another excerpt

“Fine. If I am to terminate this CIX, what is this CIX and how does this mission concern me?”

Benz smiled again.

“Good question. The CIX is an organization. A secret organization. Originally founded by your father, Richard Calhoun. And of course his wife Rebecca.”

He paused and studied her. She seemed a bit more curious.

“It was designed for good deeds. On the long run, Richard like every other leader had enemies and worse, disloyal subjects and colleagues. His ideas and deeds stopped matching theirs. They became greedy and selfish to the point that Richard could no longer condone their misbehaviors, he sought to remove them… it wasn’t easy. In the end he decided to flee for the sake of his wife and new baby. He didn’t make it out alive.”

Natasha was really stunned.

On her 18th birthday, the period she got into the naval academy, her foster parents had told her she wasn’t their real kid,  her real father had abandoned her at an orphanage so they took her in.

She had always wanted to know why her real father hated her so much to abandon her at an orphanage.

He must have had his reasons for leaving her.

She refused to believe that anyone would have such mind to abandon a child.

Whatever the reason, she was willing to understand it.

She felt her skin itch. A rush of blood ran through her veins. Her throat tightened. She gripped the pen in her hand so hard that her nails dug into her palm.

Benz is an honorable man. He would never lie to her.

“What exactly happened, sir?”

She tried to be calm even though she got a lot of questions going on in her head.

“I’ll tell you everything once you make a decision. But I want you to think it through before signing those papers. This is highly confidential that’s why I can’t just tell you. You are either in or out. If you’re in, you get to know more and there’s a lot more you’ll stand to gain. If you’re out… you know better what is bound to happen”

This is the moment she’d been waiting for her whole life.

For almost 10 years of trying to figure out who she really was… her actual identity, what more time does she need to seize such opportunity?

Benz followed her gaze to the file on his desk.

“Once you’re in, there’s no going back. Choose wisely”

Natasha took the file and studied it carefully.

A fair negotiation.

The reward is not what she’s interested in.

She’s got an opportunity to add meaning to her life and understand her true identity.

A dream come true.

“Before I sign these papers, I have one more question? And a condition”

Benz chuckled.

Natasha is one person in the entire world he’s proud of. Everything about her is really fascinating.

“One last question before the contract is sealed you mean, cause I know you have tons of them coming after. If your question has anything to do with how I’m connected to this CIX or your dad and what I stand to gain…”

She leaned back on her chair. He had guessed it right.

“You’ll have to ask something else cause you’ll have the answer after the deal. And, tell me about this condition or terms of yours”

She heaved a sigh. “I know this mission is really going to be tough, so I’m asking you to give me your word that, no matter what… Innocent people won’t be involved”

Benz leaned closer across his desk with twitch on the corner of his mouth.

“You have my word. But if you deviate from this contract or get carried away…”

The tiny smile disappeared.

“The consequences will be severe.”

Natasha signed the deal.

She’d give anything to understand her true identity.

Benz knew …