Since the beginning of philosophy people thought about beauty, what it is and by what it is caused. These questions were dealt with in mythology and …


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Natasha Jakes (excerpt)

Mission 1

Bob has a closer connection to the Governor even when he’s not the personal bodyguard. It’s understandable.

Standing by Governor Sherwood’s bedside is like having the capacity to have a meal yet feeling so handicapped to eat it.

Natasha imagined few possible ways of killing the old man.

Suffocation stabbing strangling….

A ray of sunshine crossed his lids as if it were a warning sign causing him to open his eyes before someone’s imaginations become reality.

“Good morning your Excellency. Tea or coffee?”

She smiled at his confusion.

“Mr Davidson what the hell… are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

Natasha raised her brows.

“I was told you needed more protecting”

Sherwood cursed beneath his lips and walked to his toilet.

“Bob is just another goat”

Natasha folded her arms her eyes scanning the room.

“Your Excellency your flight leaves in 20. You need to hurry. It’s a big day for you, we can’t start it with the wrong vibes”

A big day for all of us.

CIX or no CIX Sherwood must die and getting a clue on who the next person would be, shouldn’t be much trouble.

He walked out pissed she was still standing in the same position like a sentry.

He removed his shirt expecting her to fret.

He made a face.

“Well… are you staying for the show?”

She shrugged

“There’s nothing the eyes would see and shed blood. I’ve seen way worse …”

“I appreciate the gesture Mr Davidson, what I do not need is a guardian angel”

She scoffed at the man’s frustration and decided to leave with an intent smile on the corner of her lips.

“I’ll be outside.”

Natasha Jakes

The deal… another excerpt

“Fine. If I am to terminate this CIX, what is this CIX and how does this mission concern me?”

Benz smiled again.

“Good question. The CIX is an organization. A secret organization. Originally founded by your father, Richard Calhoun. And of course his wife Rebecca.”

He paused and studied her. She seemed a bit more curious.

“It was designed for good deeds. On the long run, Richard like every other leader had enemies and worse, disloyal subjects and colleagues. His ideas and deeds stopped matching theirs. They became greedy and selfish to the point that Richard could no longer condone their misbehaviors, he sought to remove them… it wasn’t easy. In the end he decided to flee for the sake of his wife and new baby. He didn’t make it out alive.”

Natasha was really stunned.

On her 18th birthday, the period she got into the naval academy, her foster parents had told her she wasn’t their real kid,  her real father had abandoned her at an orphanage so they took her in.

She had always wanted to know why her real father hated her so much to abandon her at an orphanage.

He must have had his reasons for leaving her.

She refused to believe that anyone would have such mind to abandon a child.

Whatever the reason, she was willing to understand it.

She felt her skin itch. A rush of blood ran through her veins. Her throat tightened. She gripped the pen in her hand so hard that her nails dug into her palm.

Benz is an honorable man. He would never lie to her.

“What exactly happened, sir?”

She tried to be calm even though she got a lot of questions going on in her head.

“I’ll tell you everything once you make a decision. But I want you to think it through before signing those papers. This is highly confidential that’s why I can’t just tell you. You are either in or out. If you’re in, you get to know more and there’s a lot more you’ll stand to gain. If you’re out… you know better what is bound to happen”

This is the moment she’d been waiting for her whole life.

For almost 10 years of trying to figure out who she really was… her actual identity, what more time does she need to seize such opportunity?

Benz followed her gaze to the file on his desk.

“Once you’re in, there’s no going back. Choose wisely”

Natasha took the file and studied it carefully.

A fair negotiation.

The reward is not what she’s interested in.

She’s got an opportunity to add meaning to her life and understand her true identity.

A dream come true.

“Before I sign these papers, I have one more question? And a condition”

Benz chuckled.

Natasha is one person in the entire world he’s proud of. Everything about her is really fascinating.

“One last question before the contract is sealed you mean, cause I know you have tons of them coming after. If your question has anything to do with how I’m connected to this CIX or your dad and what I stand to gain…”

She leaned back on her chair. He had guessed it right.

“You’ll have to ask something else cause you’ll have the answer after the deal. And, tell me about this condition or terms of yours”

She heaved a sigh. “I know this mission is really going to be tough, so I’m asking you to give me your word that, no matter what… Innocent people won’t be involved”

Benz leaned closer across his desk with twitch on the corner of his mouth.

“You have my word. But if you deviate from this contract or get carried away…”

The tiny smile disappeared.

“The consequences will be severe.”

Natasha signed the deal.

She’d give anything to understand her true identity.

Benz knew …


Every rapist is a psycho…

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Sade walked into the kitchen that night trying to get a drink from the refrigerator. He paused,  the moment he heard Jane’s voice.

“I remember the struggles, the tears and the loud cries that fell on deaf ears”

Sade turned and looked around like there’s someone else Jane was talking to.

Her voice was clever and clear  until he moved  edging closer, holding her gaze with no expression on his face.

He fake sniffed and angled his head.

His hands on his pockets he shifted his gaze upwards and back, down on Jane, as she continued.

“I remember… your plans were actualized and I tried to imagine the joy you must have felt…”

He smiled. For him, it was a waxing moment. The thought of the memory she shared made him back against her, thoughtful with a hand in his pocket and the other hand slightly scratching his head.

He pondered, like he was remorseful

He turned and faced her

“What do you think, Jane?”

“How sorry, Do you want me to look” he made a face.

He walked closer. Licking his lips he held her gaze.

“Tell me Jane. Am I doing it right or not. Does my face look sorry enough? Huh?”

He walked away and raised his hands.

“Yes! I touched you. I forced you… but trust me…”

He rubbed his chest and turned facing her.

“It felt really good. Too good. And yes, if you hadn’t struggled…”

“I wouldn’t have forced you. It would have been a smooth sweet moment. Something that could go on and on…”

He walked closer and lowered his voice. Almost a whisper.

“You would have loved it, felt it…. enjoyed it”

He snatched her jaw.

“Look me in the eye and  blame me all you want. But this, this means nothing to me! You mean absolutely nothing to me. I own you! And the faster you understand and succumb to my needs the better for you “

He let his hand trail down her shirt. Jane froze at his touch and as much as she wished him to drop dead, she was also scared,  trying to hold herself… she won’t cry. Not for this psycho.

“No one will believe you… I’m your step father after all. No one will fight for you. In the end you are still going to be stuck with me.”

He grabbed her nape. And smiled as she flinched. Sobbing. Her eyes wet with painful memories.

“So Jane honey, for crying out loud stop being so dramatic. Sentiments has always been for suckers and you know me better than anyone. The more you resist me or even try to fight me… the more you turn me  on and I’ll keep going on and on … maybe it’ll get to the part where you’ll begin to feel it”

He said with a spark in his eyes still holding her tight and enjoying every misery  she’s getting from him.

And for a second, Jane felt like she was going to throw up.

He watched her sob  for a while and pushed her aside. He walked to the  fridge and pulled out a bottle of water with a corny smile.

Still walking away, he commented.

“By the way, that little red dress you wore the other night … I think it looked crazy on you” his finger laying an emphasis.

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What Men Do…

Long cravings 🥵

“I shouldn’t have allowed you to drink…  but you can rest now and return home  tomorrow morning”

He removed her shoes then tucked her in.

The way she kept calm and just stared back at him made him ache.

He kissed her forehead. “sleep well”

She smiled her thanks and watched him walk to the door.

Every gut in Sam’s body told him to open the damn door and return to the party but all he thought about was kissing Jane.

So he walked back and did.

To his surprise she got up and kissed him back.

Sure he had known a lot of hot girls but none of them turns him on with just one look like Jane.

She kissed him so hard that he couldn’t just walk away from that kiss.

Her hands went under his shirt while his hands pulled her dress away from her…

He was supposed to kiss her and go away but he just couldn’t pull away from her.

It isn’t just the kiss, it’s Jane.

He’d always wanted her.

And tonight just like that… it is happening.

The sex is supposed to be great and it is, except it was her first time.

It wasn’t as painful as she’d thought, maybe because she’s still high or maybe it’s because it’s Sam.

She felt a rush of energy even though Sam’s face seemed so blur she enjoyed that she’s having an actual sex with someone she had always fantasized having sex with.

Someone she got feelings for and hopefully after tonight things will be better and sweeter between them.

The look on his face meant a great deal to her.

No doubt they were both having a great time, not only that, it is the most sensual thing she’d ever done and felt in her life.

And It’s special cause it’s with Sam.

Sam didn’t know how to feel.

It’s a kind of sweet pain and more… he’s Jane’s first.

He’d never been anyone’s first.

It’s supposed to be special for him and it kinda is.

Except he felt really guilty and little scared.

Jane isn’t so conscious tonight.

Though she kept calling his name…

Worst part he’d leave soon and nothing will matter anymore.

The thought of leaving her scared him. But he still would.

And she’d never forgive him.

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